Tri State Dismantling recognizes our most valuable resource to be our employees. Furthermore, the safety and well-being of all who come in contact with our operations is our greatest responsibility. Tri State Dismantling is committed to the elimination of personal injuries, occupational illnesses and damage to equipment and property in all of its operations; to the protection of the general public whenever it comes in contact with the Company's work and to the prevention of pollution and environmental degradation.

The professional team at TSD takes particular pride in their strict adherence to all applicable Federal, State and Local safety standards and governmental regulations. Through thorough inspections of the worksite, proper supervision of all operations, and compliance with all record keeping and tracking requirements, we ensure that in each stage of the demolition/dismantling process TSD is always operating within a strict safety model. Customers can be assured that all project undertakings are properly documented in order to maintain effective communication both with regulatory agencies and the clients we serve.